About this supplier:
ELTOP is one of the most established brands with a wealth of knowledge acquired over 35 years in HPL & Compact HPL business, in distribution of innovative, sustainable and high quality products suitable for architectural applications, in panel surfacing & cores of special specifications. It operates with a strong focus on innovative product investments and is committed to sustainable materials in practice. It is a member of Interwood - Xylemboria Group, member of the Athens Stock Exchange. The group has more than 150 employees across Athens and Thessaloniki area.

ELTOP dominates the choices of professionals active in the fields of Ho.Re.Ca, transportation, office design, healthcare & laboratories, educational spaces, shopfitting, ventilated façades of modern buildings and production of furniture parts.

The Project and Specifications team of our company specializes in providing products and services suitable for interior & exterior design. We are certified according to EN ISO 9001: 2015, CE, FSC.

Services and Products:

Cladding Cladding
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