Accoya Sculptural Soundwave Symphony

Accoya helps sentimental sculpture last a lifetime

Accoya helps sentimental sculpture last a lifetime

This innovative sculpture design crafted from Accoya wood not only provides the undeniable ‘Wow Factor’ as anticipated by the client, but also holds a sentimental, layer of significance. The blades that make up the sculpture symbolize the sound waves of the client’s daughter’s wedding song, a melody that resonates as ‘one of the most joyous days of my life,’ as shared by the client with Steve Warner, the Owner of Outhouse Design. A monumental and happy memory like this is one that must be able to last; this is what makes Accoya such a fantastic building material for this project, so it can be enjoyed and admired while standing the test of time.


Outhouse Design and Curvwood bring Accoya sculpture to life

Outhouse Design and Curvwood bring Accoya sculpture to life

In the initial stages, Outhouse Design engaged Curvwood, a distinguished glulam manufacturing hub nestled in Sydney, to bring this vision to life. After careful consideration, the collaborative decision was made to expertly laminate Accoya wood into sizable planks measuring 2400mm x 570mm x 45mm. This process resulted in a stunning total of 33 sheets and 268 linear metres of Accoya wood, precisely lined up into 270 distinct blades, each possessing its own unique contours and dimensions. Employing the precision of CNC technology, Polygenic cut these Accoya blades, followed by the artful installation by Urban Garden Enrichment, to create a striking 16-metre-long structure. The blades were carefully drilled and painted. Accoya spacers helped achieve the overall ‘floating’ element of the installation.

Both the sculpture and the adjoining deck bear the mark of Accoya timber, chosen for its unmatched dimensional stability, durability, and sustainability. This choice not only seamlessly harmonises the exterior and interior spaces but also ensures a lasting legacy. The sculpture integrates with custom planters, offering a nurturing bed for foliage, while the deck, encompassing 45 square metres of 140mm by 20mm milled Accoya decking, wraps around both sides of the back garden.

Truett Dellow, the Operations Director at Curvwood, said, ‘Where possible, we always recommend the use of Accoya in exposed, outdoor applications.’ ‘Not only is it a really easy timber to work with, knowing it will stay stable for decades and not crack, distort, or fall apart makes it a wise long-term investment choice’.

Project info

Designed by: Outhouse Design 

Installed by: Urban Garden Enrichment

Accoya Glulam: Curvwood 

Glulam CNC: Polygenic 

Accoya Supply: Mathews Timber Sydney


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