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Quality where it counts

Accoya wooden window frames deliver all the beauty of natural wood with none of the downsides. That means minimal upkeep and maximum beauty.

From its superior insulation to its lasting good looks, Accoya timber window frames outperform other woods and uPVC in every way. Not to mention being better for the environment and healthier for you. Whether you’re looking for traditional wooden sash windows, stylish bay windows, practical casement windows or impressive architectural glazing – Accoya delivers on all fronts.


Our outstanding 50-year above ground warranty is here to give you complete confidence that your Accoya wooden windows will stand the test of time.

Low Maintenance

Accoya wooden window frames deliver all the beauty of natural wood with none of the downsides. That means minimal upkeep and maximum beauty.


Accoya wooden windows have shown improved coating lifetime performance with many types of coatings, resulting in extended maintenance intervals.


Naturally insulating, you can lock in the warmth and lock down the price of your energy bills with Accoya windows. All whilst saving time, money and hassle on maintenance.

Accoya wood windows last a lifetime

Our lives all contain uncertainty and challenges that we have to manage and overcome. Fortunately, Accoya windows deliver certainty and durability, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Watch our Accoya film that shows how Accoya windows really do last a lifetime. 

Accoya window performance

Accoya high performance windows out-perform traditional hardwoods and in many cases, uPVC and aluminium.

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Key BenefitAccoyaSapeleOakMerantiIrokoRedwood
Coatings performance✓✓✓✓✓
Thermally insulating✓✓✓✓
Maintenance intervals✓✓✓✓✓

Table shows comparison between properties of Accoya wood and other wood species. For more information, see the Accoya Performance Testing Summary on the downloads page.

Wood window styles

Accoya wood is very versatile - ideal for many different types of windows to suit any home.

Tested to the limit

Tested to the limit

60 year service life

After running tests and reviewing external and independent data, the BRE concluded that Accoya wood, provided best design practice is followed, has a service life expectancy of 60 years when used in exterior applications such as timber windows, wooden window frames and balconies.

Part Q compliancy

To enable building regulation Part Q compliancy, Accsys in collaboration with UKAS approved test houses of timber window and wooden door manufacturers, ancillary suppliers to our industry and the BWF Federation has developed a security global assessment. This document allows for the successful security testing of Accoya windows and doors to be cascaded down to window and door manufacturers, thus limiting the need for further testing.

Thermal Performance

Accoya thermal conductivity has been assessed by IFT Rossenheim, Germany in accordance with EN 12664 and then developed into the required declared value format, under the most rigorous European assessment methods by the EN ISO 10456: 2008 procedure for determination of declared and design thermal values.

In comparison to other standard wood types for joinery, Accoya thermal conductivity is:
› Superior to softwood by up to 8%
› Superior to hardwood by 30%

Please see more information in our download section.

Coatings & Finishes

A fully factory coating is strongly recommended for Accoya windows. A variety of colours and finishes have been tested by leading coating manufacturers with outstanding results. Some examples can be seen below but the possibilities are endless.

Glebe House curved Accoya windows

Case Study

Glebe House curved Accoya windows

At this unique home in New South Wales, all the windows are curved and made from Accoya wood. Accoya was the ideal material for this project as it is easily machined, exceptionally stable and highly durable.

The windows are coated white to match the aesthetic of the property.

Accoya window FAQs

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