Cradle to Cradle

Creating circularity for sustainable growth

Building materials often have high carbon impacts in production and can be problematic when it comes to end-of-of life. Accoya, with its “Gold” status from the Cradle to Cradle certification body, is part of a more circular approach.

Our materials

Our materials

Wood has many advantages as a green building material.

The high-performance quality of Accoya wood means that it’s long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance, no matter the climate. Accoya wood shields against the elements, and still delivers the benefits of biophilic design by bringing natural hues into the built environment.

The wood used to create Accoya wood is sourced from FSC® certified forests, enabling transparency in the supply chain.

Accoya wood has two main ingredients – the sustainably sourced wood we describe in responsible sourcing and production section and acetic anhydride, which is necessary for the acetylation process that grants Accoya its leading durability and stability. The co-product of this process, acetic acid, is reused by Accoya supply chain partners. This minimum waste, long-life approach has helped Accoya wood gain Platinum status for Material Health through the Cradle to Cradle® certification, confirming that all our process inputs conform to the sustainability standards established by the Cradle to Cradle® Products Innovation Institute. You can find the Accoya Cradle to Cradle® scorecard here to learn more about the certification and Accoya’s sustainability performance across its lifecycle.

End-of-life opportunities

End-of-life opportunities

Materials that attempt to match Accoya wood’s leading properties are often hard to recycle. Take wood plastic composite for example, which is particularly difficult to recycle due to the mixture of wood and plastic.

However, Accoya wood is 100% recyclable, and due to its non-toxic nature, it can even be transformed into biomass briquettes for safe incineration as a renewable energy source.

Although it takes longer to decompose because of its durable nature, Accoya’s non-toxicity means that it can be composted safely and handled similarly to regular timber.

Accoya’s approach to end-of-life maximises material use. Whether it’s giving waste materials a new life, or optimising the product for biomass energy generation, our strategy has rewarded Accoya wood with the Cradle to Cradle® Gold status for Material Reutilisation.

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