Accoya selected for Swiss moveArt sculptures


Accoya has been selected as the ideal material to create this collection of unique ‘walk-in’ sculptures inspired by nature and children.

Unlike sculptures found in museums, moveArt have created these bespoke sculptures bordering between art and playground fun; combining an aesthetic look with an added climbing feature.

Designed by Norbert Roztocki, the sculptures are inspired by a DNA double helix. The first creations were large scale, built for councils and cities. More recently, the sculptures are now in demand for smaller scale projects such as parks, swimming pools and private gardens.

All the designs are built using Accoya wood. Roztocki selected Accoya due to its resistance against water and durability in outdoor environments. Accoya was also chosen because it’s eco-friendly, sustainable, multifunctional and extremely low maintenance.

Accoya is currently used in two sizes for the sculptures; 27x100mm (smaller) and 47x150mm (larger).

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