Colour decking for family home


The homeowners of this private residential home in Switzerland have chosen to use Accoya Color decking, due to its silver-grey colour to accentuate the modern architecture of its property with its light façade and dark windows.

Supplied by Gebr Eisenring Accoya Color was chosen to complement the light façade of the windows without sacrificing the beauty and quality. The natural, sustainable, durable, and resilient qualities are replicated throughout the property.

The Accoya decking itself is coloured grey all the way through to the core allowing for a long lasting and very little maintenance product, with no regular after-treatments required.

The minimal maintenance and upkeep allow time and money to be saved, making Accoya Color a fantastic investment that is not only long lasting, but aesthetically pleasing too.

Accoya Color comes with a 25- year warranty that gives you confidence that your product will last the test of time.

Project details

Project details

Distributor: Holzagentur Schweiz

Supplier: Gebr. Eisenring AG

Manufacturer: Vogel Holzbau GmbH

Photos © Gebr. Eisenring AG

Accoya Color Grey Decking and Pool Surround

Accoya Color pool decking with LED lighting

Accoya Magnet decking

Accoya decking tops the Swiss Alps

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