Accoya chosen for Applebee’s store in Palmhurst, South Texas

Palmhurst, South Texas

United States of America

Applebee’s South Texas

Applebee’s South Texas

Accoya has been chosen as the ideal material for the siding on the new Applebee’s store in Palmhurst city on Mile 3 and Conway in South Texas.  The casual dine-in restaurant marks a significant milestone as the first sit-down eatery in Palmhurst and the ninth Applebee’s in South Texas.

In terms of design, the location will also be the first of its kind as the Applebee’s corporation is evolving and with that means a new floor-plan and interior design. The Palmhurst Applebee is the new prototype that future Applebee’s will be measured against.

The eatery was designed to be both comfortable and full of natural light, while also serving as a highly functional building. Accoya was chosen for the siding of the project as it offers unrivaled environmental advantages that far outweigh the use of alternative products such as scarce, slow growing unsustainable hardwoods.

As one of the most durable and stable products on the market, Accoya is 75% less likely to shrink and swell as it faces cold and wet winters, while in the summer its structural integrity remains intact as temperatures rise.

Applications used in this project:Cladding Cladding

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