Accoya slats for multistorey car park in Oostenburg



In the coming years, approximately 1,800 homes will be built at Oostenburg in Amsterdam, in various segments. In connection with the ambition to make Oostenburg car-free, a central multistorey car park that is in between houses has been built using Accoya slats. By increasing parking near the entrance to the district, it allows for a car-free island as desired with room for a lively public space.

The natural Accoya slats together with the robust concrete fit in well with the sturdy and industrial character of Oostenburg. The Accoya wooden frame around the glass creates a beautiful connection with the concrete as an abstract frame.

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Energy neutral

Energy neutral

The seven-storey building has a sedum roof for sustainable water storage. Also, the roof is fitted with 719 PV panels. With this, the multistorey car park generates enough energy to be completely energy neutral. Rui taxi charging stations use the remaining energy. The building is the greenest car park location in Amsterdam.

MIX architectuur designed Oostenburgereiland parking on behalf of Ten Brinke Bouw. Holland Immo Group and Q-Park are the operators of the car park. MIX architectuur and Ten Brinke Bouw are also working together in Amsterdam on Lot 8. This plan includes 64 apartments next to the car park at Oostenburg, 26 of which MIX architecture is designing.


The addition of parking near the car access of the district will create a car-free island with a lively public space. The detailed concrete and durable Accoya wooden slats give the parking house a refined façade. This gives a rich dynamic and changing image when you look at it while passing.

Architect Silvester Klomp- MIX architectuur

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