Hekikai Shinkin Bank chooses Accoya wood facades


Supplied by Ikegami & Co. Ltd., Hiroshima and designed by Kengo Kuma, the Misono branch of the Hekikai Shinkin Bank was unveiled on 27th June 2017.

The seven-story Misono branch building, located in the Naka Ward of Nagoya, features Kengo Kuma’s trademark Japanese modern style design, with eye-catching Accoya planks diagonally attached on the exterior glass walls and tall trees planted as a green-void corner feature near the base of the building.

Constructed by Sekisui House, Ltd. Accoya was selected due to its dimensional stability making it possible to achieve an elegant, slim structure having wide fixing points without risk of bending and warping.

Accoya has been used in multiple projects by the Kengo Kuma office in recent years and the experience in use and service from these projects was a further consideration in material selection for this high profile building.

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