Slip resistant walkway under Harbour Bridge


New Zealand

In Auckland, there is a pedestrian walkway underneath the Auckland city end of Harbour Bridge.

In Early 2018, Auckland Transport, which forms part of Auckland City Council, commissioned the new walkway to allow better access for pedestrians in the area. One of the Accoya Approved Distributors located in New Zealand, ITI Timspec, were heavily involved in the project, from material selection through to installation.

The material of choice was Accoya wood, with the addition of grip strips to ensure the highest level of slip-resistance, particularly in wetter months. Furthermore, the durability and the good environmental credentials of Accoya were appealing to Auckland Transport too. Even with the varied New Zealand climate, Accoya will stand the test of time without costing the Earth.

17.5m3 of Accoya wood was used for the walkway, in decking boards, 150cm in length, installed horizontally along the ground.



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