Accoya Siding, Natural, sustainable wood sculpture, Denver

Woven Light Accoya Sculpture

Denver, CO

United States

Woven Light Accoya Sculpture 5 years on

Woven Light Accoya Sculpture 5 years on

Woven Light, located in Northfield’s Upland Park in Denver, CO, is a work of public art designed by Catherine Widgery. It was welcomed and installed by the Denver Public Art Collection in 2018. Comprised of Accoya wood and dichroic glass, Woven Light acts as an outdoor room which constantly changes throughout the day depending on light and shadow.


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The weathered Accoya wood has bits of “sky” woven through the horizontal slats to animate the walls. The whole structure is airy and open; it acts as an outdoor room which constantly changes depending on light and shadow throughout each day. Seating along the curved walls inside encourages people to stay and ponder the light and space. It is an artwork in which people of all ages and abilities may quietly experience the beauty of Colorado’s natural light and surroundings.

Accoya wood was chosen as the building material due to being highly rot resistant and resilient to harsh climates year round.

Designed by: Catherine Widgery

Installation Year: 2018

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