Universal Design Playground

Cambridge, MA

United States

The Universal Design (UD) Playground is a 30,000 square foot play area located in Danehy Park in the Cambridge, Massachusetts community. The park was designed for children, caregivers, and visitors of all ages and abilities to play, experience and enjoy. In addition to physical accessibility, UD takes sensory, cognitive and emotional abilities into consideration to create an environment that is welcoming to all people to the greatest extent possible.


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The “Pipe Dreams” Art-Play Sculpture

Back in September 2019, a group of seven middle and high school students attending NuVu Studio worked together to create a design that would build the foundation of a future real-world installation made from Accoya wood.

“Throughout the Autumn 2019 term, the group continued to iterate on this foundation, moving through a three-part studio series entitled Architecture After Play, and ultimately collaborating to choose a final design to be pitched to the Cambridge Arts Council. The final design, entitled Pipe Dreams, is an art-play sculpture that celebrates the industrial legacy of Danehy Park” NuVu Studio.

“The form is inspired by an infrastructural pipe, sitting above ground, transforming over time. As openings and surface changes appear across the façade, and inner tunnel surface, opportunities for climbing, play and social interaction emerge. Hundreds of pieces of CNC-milled Accoya wood are held together by stainless steel lag screws to create a cylindrical structure that can be used in a variety of ways. The universal design provides play and interaction opportunities for people of all ages and abilities” NuVu Studio.


Architect: NuVu Design School

Accoya wood provided by Accoya Distributor, Rex Lumber


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