Rotterdam hotel cladded in Accoya welcomes guests


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The sustainable option

The sustainable option

For a hotel next to Rotterdam airport, Accoya was chosen by both the contractor and architect as the perfect cladding material for the project. The requirement for a durable, stable and sustainable product for the building, and the fact that the wood had to be fire resistant, made Accoya the best option.

The underlying idea in the age we now live in is to construct safe buildings by adhering to the strict criteria that go with it. Let’s not forget the emphasis on sustainability, which is becoming increasingly important. For this project, the aspect of sustainability, in connection with the environment and the surroundings is not only represented by the Accoya façade cladding, but also by the plants that decorate it. In this way, all those involved have contributed to a beautiful, stable, sustainable hotel to give its guests a warm welcome.


Applications used in this project:Cladding Cladding

Project Leader Aga Gasanov at Bouwgroep Moonen, explains: “It is a special project in a special location. How often do you get to build right next to Rotterdam Airport?”

Bouwgroep Moonen was asked by its clients to build a hotel with a unique cladding. The construction of the project started in February 2020, but due to the COVID situation changes were made to the plans by the client.

“The hotel had to be COVID proof, so extra entrances and exits were added. An extra staircase was added. We also had to deal with the corona measures on the building site. Finally, the environment also made its demands. If you put a crane down, you have to put a lamp on it because of the air traffic, for example.”

Commercial Manager Bas Punte: “Not to mention the cladding.” In the architect’s design, half of the cladding consisted of Accoya and the other half of plants.

The client wanted us to use sustainable materials for the cladding – hence the choice of Accoya. In the preliminary stages, we sat down with the client to engineer the entire structure of the cladding, partly due to the requirements for fire safety. The cladding construction is so unique that it does not appear in the standard certifications. We had to make a new certification, but before we could do so, we received many questions. One of them was from the municipality of Rotterdam, which sets the bar high when it comes to fire safety. We sat down with suppliers, subcontractors, consultants, structural engineers and the municipality. By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we were able to write several reports that the municipality needed in terms of fire safety and construction.”

23 km Accoya

23 km Accoya

For this project, a total of 23km of Accoya was used in the façade.

Bas adds to the story: “Stiho reserved the wood we needed in good time. Moreover, the wood was A-quality, which was a requirement here. ” The carpenters were enthusiastic about the Accoya.”

Aga: “It was craftsmanship. The Accoya was attached to cementitious cladding. The Accoya board was attached to cementitious cladding which had to be pre-drilled and fitted correctly to allow for the effect of the board. The carpenters then laid the Accoya lath against it, drilled through it once, then drilled the hole in the cladding and then fixed the lath into the rear structure. Board by board, 23km long. In addition, the slats are about 8mm from the façade, there were requirements for spacing and the slats had to be staggered. Basically, Accoya is easy to work with, but the design and construction of this particular façade made it more labour intensive.”

Bas proudly says: “I am proud of the flexibility of our people – and that includes the subcontractors – and our collaboration with all the parties who contributed to this building.”

Project statistics

Project statistics

Distributor: Boogaerdt Hout

Commissioned by: distribution partner Stiho BV

Architect: Arc3 Design, Engineering and Construction Management, Eindhoven

Contractor: Moonen Construction Group

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