Devon Life feature windows by Tony Birch


United Kingdom

Edwardian replica bay windows

Edwardian replica bay windows

This Edwardian home in Exeter was built in 1905. The entire street was built as one development and is located within a conservation area. The properties have the same style and other than modern technology, such as electric street lamps and cars, the street has not changed much in the 100+ years since it was built.

Homeowners of this particular property were unhappy with their original bay windows as they allowed draught to enter their home. This not only made their house very cold during winter months but was also not energy-efficient or environmentally considerate. They wanted to improve this without impacting history and changing the characteristics of the property, a dilemma of historic versus comfort.

Accoya approved manufacturers, Tony Birch Ltd, produced two near-perfect replica bay windows. Using Accoya which is thermally efficient, sustainable and great to work with, the team at Tony Birch has solved the homeowners dilemma. The new windows exceed modern building regulations, whilst achieving the traditional look, something that is not easy to achieve as high-performance windows usually require large timber sections.

The new windows have provided an immediate sense of warmth in both rooms.

Applications used in this project:Windows Windows

Made in Devon

Made in Devon

Tony Birch Ltd are proud of their work. They use specialist techniques to manufacture windows and doors of exceptional standard, style and in line, or exceeding, building regulations.

By using Accoya wood, Tony Birch can produce sustainable and eco-friendly products, in turn helping to fight the impact of climate change.

Made in Devon but supplied and installed across the United Kingdom.

“Our Conservation casement and box sash windows can be tailored to suit a very wide variety of styles, from Georgian glazing bars or leaded lights to minimalistic contemporary. We can replicate original window profiles and features combined with the highest modern performance standards” Tony Birch.

Photography: Steve Haywood


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