Clifftop connection

Red Beach shoreline

New Zealand

Dark Accoya cladding makes Clifftop connection stand out

Dark Accoya cladding makes Clifftop connection stand out

The dark grey façade of this modern property blends into the rocky cliff edges of Red Beach, Auckland, New Zealand.

Local architect firm who has previously specified Accoya wood, ARCreate, made it a top priority for the property to coincide with local nature. The native trees, Pohutkawa, which are in abundance in this region and the cliff face rock formation were both central to early design ideas. ARCreate’s vision came together with a combination of materials, including natural stacked travertine stone faces contrasted against dark vertical Accoya timber. This particular Accoya timber cladding finish was achieved by using rough-sawn Accoya boards to maintain the natural wood texture and coated with paint to achieve the dark colour.

Not only does the eastern facing side of the property invite some breath-taking views of the shoreline, but the well thought out colour pallet accentuates the house against the cliff making it a stunning view for others looking in.

The Accoya cladding used not only fits effortlessly with the cliff side but the homeowners do not need to worry about regular maintenance or rotting, as Accoya is likely to stay free of any distortion over its lifetime.

Applications used in this project:Cladding Cladding

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