Wicklow head lighthouse



Wicklow Head Lighthouse has safeguarded and decorated the scenic Wicklow coastline since 1781. It is a peace seeker’s haven with inspiring and refreshing views of the Irish Sea. The landscape and scenery surrounding the lighthouse provide a perfect backdrop for a unique and memorable break.

Two lighthouses were built on Wicklow Head in September 1781. One, the Irish Landmark Trust lighthouse, is on Long Hill, and is known as the upper or rear light; the other was on the saddle of the headland and was known as the tower or front light but only the taller now remains; the second was knocked down to build the now ruined lighthouse keepers’ cottages. The 30m octagonal tower on Long Hill, restored by the Irish Landmark Trust, provides self-catering accommodation for up to six people. Built in 1781, the tower’s interior was gutted by a fire sparked by a lightning strike. Following restoration, it now has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen, spread across six floors. There are 27 windows cut into the thick walls, Although the rooms are small, they have high arched windows set into walls that are almost a metre thick.

The Timber windows were replaced just over fifteen years ago using Southern Yellow Pine which did not last and has now been replaced using Accoya supplied by Abbey Woods & WJ Bolger Ltd.

Applications used in this project:Windows Windows


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