Accoya charred cladding for new build home

Frösakull, Halmstad


“Shou Sugi Ban” by Zwarthout

“Shou Sugi Ban” by Zwarthout

In Sweden, this new build family home was completed in 2021. The homeowners wanted a unique design whilst being mindful of the local building regulations.

The building uses a large mixture of concrete, glass, and an entire façade of Accoya wood cladding, including across the roof. The Accoya boards have been manufactured into cladding and carbonized using the traditional Japanese “Shou Sugi Ban” technique by Zwarthout. This process ensures that the wood is protected from all weathers, rot, and pests, whilst dramatically changing the appearance of Accoya from its natural light brown to black.

The Accoya was sourced from Zwarthout via Boogaerdt. Two Accoya approved suppliers located in the Netherlands. There are approved suppliers in Sweden, but Zwarthout were chosen specifically for this project as charring wood is their speciality.

The cladding panels are 25 x 600mm and installed horizontally.

Project statistics

Project statistics

Architect: Abelardo Gonzalez

Accoya manufacturer: Zwarthout

Accoya distributor: Houthandel Boogaerdt

Project completed: 2021

Built Design Awards winner 2021 & Architecture Masterprize 2021 honorable mention

© Photography: AGAB

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