The wooden art home


The Netherlands

Sustainable choices for a green home

Sustainable choices for a green home

The wooden art home is located in North Limburg. Although a home, it is also part of an art collection and considered a hobby for the homeowners. To bring out their creativity in their home, their architect, Concept* Cloudt, designed a prefabricated construction using cross-laminated timber with a touch of Scandinavian appeal.

The design of the property was also environmentally friendly to reflect its healthy character. As part of this, the house runs entirely on green energy with no need to rely on non-renewable resources. For the finishing touch, the property is clad in Accoya wood. Accoya was specified for its exceptional sustainability, durability class 1, the natural colour that both complements the home and provides contrast against the white rendered walls and the sloping and flat roof.  

The wooden art home occupies a single storey and consists of three bedrooms with a number of living areas that offer a beautiful view of the surroundings. Infrared heating has been incorporated as well as LED lighting and solar panels on the sloping roof. The Accoya cladding has been left uncoated and can be seen starting to weather in the photographs. Overtime, the natural process will occur and the pale wood will turn grey. 


Applications used in this project:Cladding Cladding

Project statistics

Project statistics

Delivered: 15 July 2021 

Builder: Van Meijl-Verhaegh 

Contractor: Aannemersbedrijf Teunissen 

Architect: Concept* Cloudt. 

Photographer: Roel Vink  

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