Jubilee Park Resource And Community Center, Dallas


United States of America

Miter joint siding

Miter joint siding

Designed by Brent A. Brown Architects the Resource and Community Center needed to establish a unifying presence with the traditional wooden homes in the neighborhood while maintaining cost-effectiveness and creating usable, lasting resources for the community.

Opting to create a wood siding on both the project’s buildings, Brent A. Brown Architects selected Accoya wood for its strength, durability, aesthetic impact and sustainable sourcing.

The wood was milled for a custom joint application. Rather than creating a typical trim board (instead of tongue and groove) on the corner, a 45-degree miter joint without any corner trim was made to hide the seam.

Unlike other woods whose level of dimensional stability would make this impossible, Accoya wood remained tight at the joint for a flawless finish on more than a dozen corner sections.

Applications used in this project:Cladding Cladding

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