500 Hay St. Apartments

Subiaco, WA


Accoya facade and bench seats

Accoya facade and bench seats

At the 500 Hay Street complex, Accoya wood was used for elements of the façade and multiple bench seats. The complex is a landmark development with an office tower, a hotel tower that includes a 5 screen cinema, and a 3 level public cark park.

M&B supplied and installed the Accoya, leaving it uncoated. Photos show the Accoya after installation but over time the external exposed Accoya will weather and turn grey. Accoya wood is a great material choice. Not only is it sustainably sourced but it has a 50 year warranty against rot when installed above ground. The longevity means it will not need replacing for many years to come. It will also require very minimal maintenance, perfect for communal living spaces.

The main entrance to the apartment block is cladded entirely with Accoya. The boards have been installed vertically and continue inside the building to create a seamless aesthetic. Here the cladding boards were secured using SPAX fixings. Cladding was also used for sections of the façade on the hotel tower and in a separate area, Accoya slats have been installed around a circular part of the building.

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