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How to clean and maintain an Accoya wood deck?

Wood decks are subject to natural weathering and require regular cleaning.  Each deck requires an individual maintenance interval, depending on location, use intensity and personal preferences.

Decking will form a biofilm that will hold water and reduce the speed of drying of the board, and a large build-up of such a layer should be prevented. Regular cleaning will be needed to control the build-up of such a biofilm.

Under normal circumstances, an Accoya deck should be cleaned thoroughly once a year, preferably in spring, with some light cleaning throughout the year. More frequent cleaning may be necessary if the deck is permanently shaded, e.g. on the north side of a house or in the immediate vicinity of bushes, large trees and forests.

Accoya decking can be cleaned with a stiff brush  and clear water. The process is improved by wetting it before cleaning, as the soaking softens the biofilm. For more persistent stains, a cleaning agent can be used, we recommend a cleaning agent with a PH value below nine and to rinse the decking thoroughly with clear water.

Planed surfaces are easier to clean than rough  sawn surfaces. The use of a high-pressure cleaner  is absolutely unsuitable for wooden decking and is expressly NOT recommended. The high-pressure water jet can damage the  wooden boards, regardless of the wood species. Please protect your wood deck with a cover when using a high-pressure cleaner for other materials  in the immediate vicinity.

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