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What benefits does Accoya have over Wood Plastic Composite products (WPC)?

Accoya outperforms Wood Plastic Composites on many levels

Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) are made from a mix of plastic fibres and wood products. Due to their plastic contents, WPC decking boards tend to be more slippery than Accoya decking boards. Accoya decking boards have been thoroughly tested against a range of competitor products, including WPC, and they are found to have higher slip resistance when used across a range of applications including shower areas, swimming pools, shop entrances, exterior staircases and even public kitchens.

Additionally, recent testing has indicated the thermal gain in Accoya is substantially less than WPC. This low level of thermal gain, combined with in-situ benefits derived from Accoya’s dimensional stability, provides decking which is ‘barefoot friendly’. This means it remains flush and splinter-free despite prolonged weather compared to other products.

Most Wood Plastic Composites products are not suitable for recycling meaning that when materials reach the end of there useful life, they need to be incinerated or sent to landfill.

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