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ITI Timspec was established in 1990 as a wholesaler of speciality timbers. Accoya wood became part of the product portfolio over 10 years ago and since has gone from strength to strength. Architectural projects have seen Accoya used in a vast array of applications including cladding, decking, joinery and furniture indoors and out. The durability and stability Accoya has is like no other, therefore can be used in a range of applications including but not limited to joinery, decking, boardwalks, furniture and specialty applications. All Accoya cladding systems are Codemark certified and have been used widely across the country for residential and commercial applications.

Over this time strong relationships have been built in the architectural and construction industry giving us lifelong supporters.

ITI Timspec are known for quality service in the industry with an extremely helpful team with an innovative approach. We strive to assist you to choose the right Accoya product for your project.

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Services et Produits:

Color Grey
Decking Tout type de terrasse
Timber Autres
Civil Applications Tout type d'aménagement extérieur
Timber Commerce de bois
Cladding Tout type de bardage
Timber Grossiste de bois