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ITI NZ's evolution from the well-respected ITI Timspec marks a significant milestone in our journey since our inception in 1990. Originally carving out a niche as a specialist in high-quality, specialty timbers, our introduction of Accoya wood more than thirteen years ago has been a pivotal part of our story. Accoya's unmatched durability and stability have made it a favourite for a myriad of architectural uses, from exterior cladding and decking to interior joinery and furniture, showcasing its versatility across both indoor and outdoor applications. Its excellence is further recognized through Codemark certification, ensuring its role in numerous residential and commercial projects nationwide.

Our transition reflects a deepening of our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability in the building materials sector. As ITI NZ, we continue to forge and maintain strong, enduring relationships within the architectural and construction industries, reinforcing our reputation for unparalleled service and support.

The ITI NZ team, upholding the legacy of ITI Timspec, remains at the forefront of offering innovative solutions and expert advice, guiding our clients in selecting the most suitable Accoya products for their diverse project needs. This evolution signifies not just a change in name but a reaffirmation of our core values and dedication to excellence in serving New Zealand's construction and architectural communities.

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Service en Producten:

Color Grey
Decking Houten Vlonders
Civil Applications Tuin en landschap / Grond-, Weg- en waterbouw
Timber Detailhandel hout
Cladding Gevelbekleding
Timber Groothandel hout
Timber Andere