About this supplier:

We started as a Latvian furniture and interior manufacturer in 1996, known as BOHMANS.

The same team of experienced experts ensures the operation and development of today’s renovated company Bohman Riga Hardwoods SIA.

Our rich experience in the Latvian wood product market and our long-term tested and reliable partners from Europe and the USA is a guarantee that all our customers – furniture and wood product manufacturers, designers, restorers, builders or individual DIY customers – will find the most suitable wood material to meet their daily production needs.

Our specialty is wood materials in all their diversity and products that are necessary for the transformation of wood into end product.

We offer Accoya modified wood and Medite Tricoya Extreme – a new breed of MDF.

Services and Products:

Cladding Cladding
Decking Decking
Timber Other timber products
Civil Applications Outdoor living
Timber Retail timber
Timber Wholesale timber