Replacement windows at the United Methodist Church in Mobile, Alabama, USA.

Oakleigh Custom Woodworks manufactured the windows using Accoya wood for the replacement of the high church windows. Knowing that the building’s 50-year-old existing windows had rotted out, Oakleigh’s approach was to look at the total lifetime cost of the new windows, rather than the first cost of acquisition.
Oakleigh’s custom made Accoya windows included insulated or low-E glass which promised a 30% reduction in the building’s five-figure annual energy costs, and high-quality paint. Accoya wood was specified as it reduces swelling and shrinkage by 75% or more, helping coatings last three to four times longer and therefore reducing maintenance costs.
Across Oakleigh’s custom projects, which include doors, gates, railings, and windows for commercial and residential structures, Accoya continues to be a material of choice.