Private house in Brielle, The Netherlands with charred Accoya wood

For a private house near the coast in Brielle, the Netherlands, Accoya wood (Marugame) was used for the cladding and interior.

Zwarthout / Accoya (Marugame) was chosen for the cladding because of the stability and durability of the product. The house was originally clad with an oak façade, but this was completely in need of replacement after 5 years, as it was not able to withstand the sea wind on the coast. In addition, the oak had to be maintained every year and the homeowners no longer wanted a product with such a task to upkeep. Therefore a new façade covering had been chosen that is resistant to various weather conditions and is also low maintenance. For the interior, Accoya wood doors have been delivered with a Marugame / Sanuki finish too.

The project used 75m2 of Accoya in total and was designed and made by CHRISTCFCCR and supplied by Zwarthout.