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Nude Food Cafe, Jersey

Nude Food Beach is the latest addition to the family of 3 health food cafes designed and built by Jackson and his team at Lowe & Co. and run by his fiancee Lucy.
Situated on the beach on the south coast of Jersey in the Channel Islands, Nude Food Beach needed to be tough due to its exposure. Aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with Nude Foods ethos of clean, nothing added (Nude) and low impact on our planet.
Having worked with Accoya on a number of his projects due to its unrivalled stability, durability, and machinability Jackson had no doubts that Accoya was the right material for the project. “Cladding a building inside and out like this with over 2500 meters of timber in such a location was a tall and potentially risky order but it was nice to know that his somewhat extravagant idea was one that was going to last due to the tried and tested qualities of this timber.”
While movement on the cladding wasn’t a cause for concern with its 6mm shadow gaps and cleverly curated corners, it was essential that the external doors and windows were dimensionally stable due to their exposure to not only the weather but also the tide.
Jersey has one of the largest tidal ranges in the world, over 12m on Spring Tides and can recede up to 2 miles. The incoming tide moves extremely fast, and in some places will resemble a fast flowing white water rapid which can be especially dangerous during stormy weather.
Accoya not only met the needs of Nude Foods vision and ethos with its world leading sustainability, it also enabled Jackson and his team to create their vision aesthetically with its soft tones and rustic yet modern look by means of the textured surfaces of the uncoated rough sawn Accoya timber.
Jackson told us: “People ask us about the timber used on a daily basis which gives us great pleasure to be able to share the awareness of this wonderful product.”

Visit the Nude Food Cafe next time you’re in Jersey.