New beer tasting taproom in California opens with custom built Accoya bar

A new Beer Tasting Taproom opened by brewing manufacturer, the Lincoln Beer Company, features a unique bar and bartop which has utilised Accoya wood, the world’s leading high performance sustainable wood. The full length bartop, designed by Neil Hauck Architects and built by Olis Wood, – a leading custom woodworking company, is set to be a highlight of the new Taproom.

Accoya wood was specified for the bar and bartop, and seamlessly fitted together to create a durable and stable product ideal for showcasing the abundance of craft beers on offer. With it’s outstanding durability benefits, Accoya was the ideal choice for this stunning construction project. With a guarantee of 50 years, Accoya provides assurance that it will not warp when wet, ensuring the bartop remains of the highest quality.

To further enhance the project, a single layer of Golden Oak coating was applied after installation, which added a warmth that contrasted, yet complimented, the industrial aesthetic of the Taproom. Due to Accoya’s superior dimensional stability and reliability, coatings lasts twice as long, which means less maintenance will be required for the bar and bartop in the future.

Natan Chkoury, Owner of Olis Wood, said: ‘We selected Accoya wood for this project due to its superior performance benefits as well as it’s naturally beauty . I’m sure that the bartop will get plenty of liquids spilled on it over the coming years, so we had to work with a wood that would offer a guarantee in terms of being able to withstand this type of use, and be a long-term solution that would need minimum maintenance. We couldn’t be happier with how the project has turned out and are looking forward to seeing what else we can build for other customers using Accoya in the coming years.”

New Beer Tasting Taproom in California opens with custom-built Accoya® Bar