Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece

After more than 25 years of waiting, Athens is preparing to inaugurate a glittering new museum, featuring works by the greatest artists in the world. All window frames and shutters were made from Accoya®.

The new contemporary art museum Goulandris will soon open in the centre of Athens, Greece. Housed in a neoclassical building from the 1920s with a 10-storey extension, the museum will display many of the works collected by shipowner Basil Goulandris and his wife Elise Karadontis, who died in 1994. Their art collection is valued at $3 billion dollars.

During his lifetime, Basil Goulandris has collected works by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, Alberto Giacometti, Auguste Renoir, Joan Miro, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, El Greco, Cezanne and Modigliani.

All woodwork for the museum was exclusively made from Accoya. Including windows, french doors to balconies and exterior doors. Chosen for its excellent resistance to the extreme heat and sunshine of Athens.

In total, the museum has 80 French windows and windows made from Accoya wood and equipped with high-quality opening shutters.

Neoclassical exterior doors and shutters are equipped with a soundproofing system, stainless steel technical handles and high security locks to protect the museum.

The reasons for choosing Accoya wood was a combination requirements from the architect, the joinery manufacturer and the owner of the museum.

Based on 3 important requirements the technical criteria consisted of:

  • Firstly a solid, rot-resistant wood, with class 1 durability (such as teak) and a 50-year outdoor warranty
  • Second, outstanding dimensional stability of the wood, with openings that do not swell and split allowing hinges that require 2-3 times less maintenance than exotic woods.
  • Finally, the third point is the low environmental impact of Accoya wood, with a healthy, renewable and low-carbon material throughout the entire life cycle.

Accoya wood was the ideal choice.

The ability of Accoya wood to design windows and shutters, is no longer to prove with many projects around the world. Krtikos Wood, carpenter in Paros and Athens for 3 generations, has convinced the museum’s owners thanks to his previous 8 years’ experience working with Accoya. They were able to visit some of the hotel and villa projects that utilised Accoya on the Cyclades and around Athens.  The Greek company Krtikos Wood faithfully followed the instructions of the architectural team so that the buildings are in harmony with the aesthetics of the neoclassical building in which the museum is housed.

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