Greek Villa with Accoya joinery

This charming villa is on the idyllic Greek island of Antiparos.
Window frames, folding shutters and a gate are all specified with Accoya wood.
Accoya’s superb durability and dimensional stability makes it perfect for exterior joinery. As well as an ideal substrate for coatings and finishes. Even in the relentless heat and sunshine of the Greek islands.
Warranted for 50 years above ground, the windows will stay looking great for a long time.
Finally, its thermal coefficient (Lambda 0.12) is more than 20% higher than that of most hardwoods. This makes Accoya’s thermal insulation properties an improvement compared with alternatives. Perfect for windows and doors.
Joinery was completed by Kritikos Wood
Accoya wood for Cyclades Villa
Gate Cyclades Villa
Windows Cyclades Villa
doors Cyclades Villa
Shutters Cyclades Villa