Charred Accoya® adds something special to terrace in Paris

Designed by Xaviez Pottiez, Zwarthout (Shou Sugi Ban)-Accoya® is used in this garden for fencing, patio borders and decking. Adding something a little special to an already beautiful garden.

Zwarthout-Accoya® was chosen for the project by garden architect Alexandre Tonerre Opus paysage due to the great look of the burnt Zwarthout-Accoya® combined with long lifespan, ensuring an enduring aesthetic.

There are 2 types of charred wood used in this garden; Marugame (Accoya®) and Shodoshima (Accoya®). Marugame is standard charred Accoya® wood. The special Shodoshima- Accoya® was first burned and then brushed, so that the grain structure became clearly visible. Then the wood is coated with a grey weathered coating.

accoya zwarthout
Accoya zwarthout
accoya zwarthout