An impressive new home in Oslo, Norway gets its finishing touches

In lillestrøm, 20 km from Oslo, an impressive new home gets its finishing touches

The owners of this private residence in Oslo, Norway had a kind of a vision but did not know how it would materialise. They dreamed about something unique, functional and maintenance free. They owned a large house for several years, and knew the work involved in maintaining regular wood and concrete surfaces. From the start, they challenged Urbanhus, the builders to come up with unusual materials. At that time, they had just started looking at Accoya®.

After studying the benefits that Accoya can bring they were immediately in love.

“Accoya is guaranteed maintenance free for 50 years! Accoya has this lush, silver grey lustre, with a colour scheme that changes over time, as sun, rain and air does its best. At the same time, the wood stays smooth and plain, mimicking a hardwood floor” said Thomas the owner.

Accoya wood was machined and profiled ay Profftre AS factory in Sandnes.