Accoya wooden balconies, near San Sebastian, Spain

Architectural firm, XS Arkitectura chose the performance of the Accoya wood frame outdoors to dress the balconies of this private residence overlooking the tourist beach in the Basque country.

The Muskaria residence is located in a small seaside resort in Zarautz, in the Basque country near San Sebastian. The facade will face intense sun, rain and wind throughout the year, as well as being subjected to sand and spray. Accoya wood was the natural choice for such conditions with exceptional durability and high dimensional stability. The low environmental footprint and non-toxicity of Accoya also aided the choice for the facades of the buildings of this seaside residence.

Zarautz, Spain, balcony, tourism project

Carpinteria Zulaika, an architect and carpenter, was asked to replace the exterior wooden structures, without changing the classic style. Originally made from Western red cedar, the balconies were too damaged by the spray over time to perform their duties. Situated on the marina, the perforated wooden blades provide an important barrier function. That’s why the 35m3 of Accoya blades measuring 38 x 150 mm have been designed with the same profile and design as the previous ones.

The Accoya wood used was provided by the Spanish Accoya distributor Gamiz.

Zarautz, Spain, balcony

A total of 14km of Accoya® modified wood blades have been designed with a very specific design, created specifically for the Muskaria project. A tinted saturator finish from the Sikkens brand was then applied to the blades to provide a clear, easy-care brown tone.

Zarautz, Spain, balcony Muscaria
Muskaria, Spain, beach