Accoya® Velodrome in the running for fastest world record

Velodrome specialists SDA from Stompetoren, North Holland are working on the final phase of the new cycling track in the Omnisport Apeldoorn multi-sport indoor arena. SDA’s portfolio also includes impressive velodromes such as: Athens, Mexico City and Majorca.

Accoya was handpicked as the ideal wood for the project as, due to the acetylation process, it will not splinter. This is a critical requirement for the project. Further evidence of this is also suggested due to the SDA designed Velodrome in Tbilisi, Georgia which uses Accoya wood.

Prior to the new Accoya track the architects used Larch wood. However, because of the humidity in the arena the wood shrank. Now that the track has been replaced with Accoya we’re watching this space for new world records to be set.