Accoya® used for Bainbridge Island Medical Center

Architect: Coates Design Architect | Contractor: Tim Ryan Construction.

Tim Ryan Construction devised to relocate the planned water-collection cistern; by manipulating the design of the 160-foot-by-12-foot-by-12-foot vault, they were able to double its purpose as the retaining wall, thereby eliminating the cost, time, and materials of two separate concrete structures.

“These are the kinds of things that show how having us involved up front saves the owner money in the long run and shaves time off of the overall project,” Vega says.

Harrison Bainbridge was Tim Ryan Construction’s first time using Accoya wood siding, which was installed as a rainscreen cladding. Instead of single-size panels, the varied, three-dimensional façade design called for a mixture of sizes—1×6, 2×4, 1×8, and furred 1×6. Manipulating the rainscreen details to the varied sizes took time, Vega says, “but the material itself was easy to work with. The panels were straight and true; it went up well and looks nice.”