Accoya® the material of choice to differentiate twin villas in Madrid

Designed for two sisters and their families by the architecture firm Arenas Basabe Palacios, the villas reflect their owners; they both have obvious common characteristics, but with different personalities. One of the houses is differentiated with Accoya® wood, used for the joinery and exterior cladding.

Following similar design processes, a white concrete wall system elevates the upper floor with large bay windows overlooking the gardens. Used on one villa for joinery, Accoya® frames the different views of the exterior landscapes.

In contrast to the neutral white lines of the exterior walls and floor, the Accoya® wood is also applied in exterior cladding.

Ideal for the sunny climate of Madrid, specified by Accoya® distributor GAMIZ, the Accoya® cladding does not deform or warp. With superb durability, the natural colour of the Accoya® is showcased without any finish, guaranteed against rot and decay for 50 years above ground and 25 years below ground.

Photos: © Imagen Subliminal

Casas Hermanas Madrid
Casas Hermanas
Casas Hermanas Spain
Casas Hermanas Madrid