Accoya selected for replacement of 400m-long boardwalk on Australia’s Sunshine Coast

Australia’s iconic Sunshine Coast has received a makeover, namely a 400-metre-long boardwalk made of Accoya.

The boardwalk, situated in Noosa, known for the Noosa World Surfing Reserve and Unesco-bioshpere reserve status, has undergone substantial refurbishment in the form of seating, viewing points and LED lighting with movement sensors and timers, all done to increase the viewers’ experience.

Noosa Shire Council commissioned architect Grant Calder, of Flexure, for the build. Minimal environment impact both during the build and post completion was a major determinant of the project and therefore Accoya seemed the natural choice.

Calder was quoted as saying “Our primary focus for this project was quality; we wanted to design a boardwalk that was built to last, that curves between the trees and offers many places to stop, rest and enjoy the natural setting and views. Accoya was the natural choice – the product combines durability that is better than the highest durability hardwood, and therefore it’s very easy to build with. Its 50-year guarantee offers peace of mind and reduced maintenance requirements.”

The boardwalk; which features over 60m3 of Accoya wood; was completed below budget, two months ahead of schedule by Hutchinson Builders, and has also received the renowned Regional Green Space Award from the Australian Institute of Horticulture. A true testament that “this boardwalk showcases our environment whilst protecting it too”, as said by Calder.

Noosa looppad
Accoya wandelpad