Accoya® selected for biophilic design at St.Patricks Island, Calgary

Accoya has been chosen for it sustainable and durable properties to enhance the lighting poles and bollards throughout the St.Patricks Island project. Accoya wood has been selected for ‘The Tip’ section of the Island – the vantage point and seating area located at the Westernmost edge – overlooking downtown Calgary. This is one of the more popular areas due to the ‘Bloom’ – a 23 meter public art installation that provides a central point with soft ambient lighting surrounding it.

In keeping with the sustainable and environmental vision for the island Structura designed and created the lighting poles and bollards using Accoya wood. The project also involved CMLC (Calgary Municipal Land Corporation), who reached out to the public to create a master program plan for the island to be restored as a premier example of biophilic design. Civitas with W Architecture won this design competition to create an active, nature-based park on the island for residents of the growing downtown and nearby populations.

The design restores a functional breach and wetland and uses those excavations to create a 10 meter high mound enabling people in East Village to see the activities on the island. Due to the proximity of the wetland, Accoya was the perfect choice, lasting 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground.