Accoya® selected as the material of choice to withstand harsh weather conditions in Norway

Supplied by Fritzøe Engros AS , Accoya was selected as the material of choice to renovate a new bar door at the Styrhuset Pub in Svolvær, a small fishing village located in the heart of the Lofoten Islands. Well known locally as an informal meeting place, the owners of the pub needed an impressive entrance to welcome visitors and keep out the weather.

Dimensional stability was critical for this application and Fritzøe Engros AS recommended Accoya as the best solution, largely due to the location of the project. Located above the Arctic Circle, the chosen material needed to be able to withstand the dual climate of a warm cosy pub on one side of the door, and the harsh exterior winter weather conditions on the other. Jømna Brug AS manufactured the striking Accoya door.

Photo ©Jømna Brug AS

Accoya selected as the material of choice to withdtand harsh weather conditions