Accoya façade for sports centre in Venlo, NL

Accoya façade for sports centre in Venlo, NL
There is increasing demand for sports facilities in education. Leading to increasing opportunities for responsible construction. The design and construction of Sportzaal Venlo Oud Zuid takes its inspiration from Cradle to Cradle (C2C) philosophy.
The design of the gym reflects the basic principles of C2C. Architect Max Markusse of Quant Architectuur said of the project “We have opted for a sports hall made of almost completely of materials that can be disassembled after use. As much as possible we use safe and healthy materials, such as a façade constructed with C2C certified Accoya® wood.”
C2C certification was as important in choosing Accoya as its durability, appearance and dimensional stability. These attributes resulting in window frames that won’t shrink or swell. Frames made by carpentry company Sampers
The materials used have material passports and thanks to the chosen building method, different materials retain residual value. If the building ever fulfilled its function, it can serve as a raw material for other applications.
The supplier of Accoya® wood is Koninklijke Dekker Hout
Accoya gevelbekleding
accoya gevelbekleding