Accoya® chosen for jetty in Steenbergen, Netherlands

An original combination picnic bench and jetty has been added to the West Brabant Waterline. Builder Hese Infra constructed the jetty, commissioned by the municipality of Steenbergen. Designed by Architects Ro Koster and Ad Kil of Ro & Ad architecten.  The duo designed, among other things, the Floating Bridge, The “Stairway to Heaven” and Moses Bridge.

The jetty is over two hundred meters in length. With picnic tables built into the land portion of the jetty up the bank, making it  the world’s tallest picnic table. Ad Kil, “It’s a great place for a big family picnic. In the winter, the jetty is also functional. Then people can go on ice for ice skating and enjoy warm chocolate milk at the picnic table. ”

Distributed by Boogaerdt, Accoya® was chosen because all the Accoya® timber was used in all projects along the West Brabant Water Line and due to the dimensional stability, durability and longevity with the guarantee of over 50 years above ground and 25 years in freshwater contact or in the ground.

Photography: Katja Effting