Accoya® Alder used in stunning Farmhouse in Delhi – India

Stability and durability were key factors for specifiying Accoya in this 3,000m2 farmhouse in Delhi.

Spread out over two floors the entrance door was constructed out of solid Accoya® Alder, measuring 1.5 metres wide x 4.2 metres high, with a 4mm clearance around the edges.

Only a timber as dimensionally stable as Accoya could provide this product solution, and particularly when temperatures are so high, such as 45 degrees C in Delhi. For example on one side of the door there is extreme heat and humidity and there is air conditioning on the other side which shows how stable Accoya wood is in an extreme climate.

On the front aspect of the home  the cladding, curtain walling and 4.2 metre high Accoya French doors are visible. Achieving a stable 4.2 metres French door with 100mm wide stiles is quite unique, especially when its fully exposed to the Delhi weather.

Furthermore the Bedroom lift and slide door to back garden with a cladding surround are all made in Accoya.

The architect specified Accoya with confidence, knowing that it will last in this extreme climate.

Accoya was Supplied by Ritikaa Wood, Accoya distributor in India.