Boiler house with Accoya siding wins architectural award



Amstelveen 2017 Architectural Prize.

Amstelveen 2017 Architectural Prize.

The Eneco boiler house in Amstelveen serves more than 1800 private and 20 business customers. It was designed by Willem Schutter of Architectenbureau Schutter ETH BV and awarded 3rd prize in the Non-residential Building category at the Amstelveen 2017 Architectural Prize.

The entire boiler house, including its chimneys, is covered with uncoated Accoya wood. Accoya was selected because of its 50 year above ground guarantee and for its consistent natural beauty, even after weathering.

The judging panel commented that it is a building with an intriguing shape, in which a ‘wooden skin’ has been drawn over a pragmatic technical interior. The care and attention that went into the appearance and detailing of this project was described as exemplary, with the building seamlessly adapting to the surrounding environment with its natural appearance.


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