Over deze distributeur:

Sapiens is an intelligent case, a treasure chest in which a deep knowledge of innovative materials is fused with a refined and exclusive taste, where the evolution of products becomes a revolution.

We usually collaborate with designers and architects offering our advice to define the best products to realize their projects.  Our twenty-year experience in interior and exterior finishes is well placed in areas where the value of aesthetics enhances the technical value of each application, aimed at enhancing exclusive creations.

This activity contains a great awareness that focuses on the importance of the wood raw material, whose fiber is skillfully shaped by substances such as fire, temperature and water.

The natural element is therefore the leitmotif that accompanies and directs our choices, aimed at a careful selection of value-added products in terms of design and research.

A refined and peculiar material can make a difference in a project, giving character to the work in general; Sapiens has included in its collection advanced and revolutionary products to offer designers new creative and technological ideas in respect of tradition and materials.

Service en Producten:

Timber Andere
Cladding Gevelbekleding
Decking Houten Vlonders
Civil Applications Tuin en landschap / Grond-, Weg- en waterbouw