The Hotel on Rivington, New York, New York

19 Apr 17

Completed: July 2016
Architect: Luis Alberto Erazo
Restoration: Right Path Windows and Restoration
Building Type: Commercial Hotel

In Manhattan’s historic Lower East Side lies the Hotel on Rivington, a 20-story luxury hotel constructed in 2005. The ultramodern building attracts an affluent, young crowd with a mix of upscale food & beverages, nightlife, and trendy shopping. It was one of the first construction projects in a wave of gentrification that swept the neighborhood, boasting a throwback 80’s design that stuck out like a sore thumb amongst Manhattan’s more dated architecture.

Recently, management was challenged to bring the hotel exterior up to date with modern design elements but preserve its distinct architecture. To maintain a fresh and modern look, The Hotel on Rivington redesigned its shopfronts custom-fabricated windows and doors, bi-fold sliding doors, street-front facades, wall panels, and insulated units using Accoya wood.

Accoya was an attractive, reliable material choice for Right Path Windows and Restoration  due to its dimensional stability and reduced shrinkage and swelling, both   advantageous results of the acetylation manufacturing process.

“I suggested using Accoya based on a few different factors,” said Paul Mulcahy, owner of Right Path Windows and Restoration. Shrinking is significantly reduced in the presence of paint or rain, which provides a huge benefit, and we paired it with mahogany to achieve the blend of paint and stain we needed for the wood to look right.”

Accoya wood was accessorized with brass hardware, hinges, window stays, and kickplates to preserve the hotel’s traditional elements. Cafe Medi, the patio dining area, was framed with 1-inch insulated glass units, which provide the highest acoustical value and the highest thermal value. No matter the season, guests can enjoy a warm, insulated dining experience during the winter or throw open the doors to enjoy a cool summer breeze.

“I’m extremely proud of this project,” said Mulcahy. “We were able to complete our work in 10 weeks and it will last long enough for many, many people to enjoy.”

The Hotel on Rivington is located at 107 Rivington Street in New York City.