Most Sustainable Office in the World uses Accoya®

10 May 16

  • New Dutch office development uses Accoya for doors, windows and cladding
  • As a BREEAM certified product, Accoya assisted the build in achieving BREEAM-NL certification
  • The office design has achieved a score of 99.94% from BREEAM, the highest ever achieved in the Netherlands.

An office in the Netherlands which has been made using Accoya® to craft its doors, windows and cladding has achieved a five star BREEAM-NL certificate for its sustainable build. The certificate and resulting score means that the building is now the most sustainable in the world.

BREEAM is the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings, and identifies some of the most environmentally sound properties across the globe.

The design team behind the project decided to use Accoya, manufactured by Accsys Technologies, to produce key elements of the build in order to support their client’s desire to produce a new office with unrivalled green credentials.

The property is the head office of machine builder Geelen Counterflow and is situated in Haelen, to the south-east of the country. As a C2C Gold and BREEAM certified product, Accoya helped to support the build to achieve five star accreditation from BREEAM-NL.

The new two storey property is an architecturally striking building and mixes glazed Accoya windows and Accoya cladding to help the office blend in with its surrounding environment. Constructed by joinery firm Helwig, the amount of glass used in the development allows for an abundance of natural light to enter the building. The majority of windows are tilt and turn, with lock fittings hidden to provide a more streamlined look.

Accoya was the most appropriate product to use to construct the building’s impressive windows and doors as the wood’s dimensional stability ensures that they don’t expand and warp when faced with changeable weather.

The mix of light and natural construction products provides a comfortable internal environment which supports passive-house guidelines. These guidelines assist designers and builders in the construction of properties which require minimal energy input.

Internally 1200m3 of light coloured solid wood sourced from Germany’s Black Forest was used. This wood was provided by the German company NUR-HOLZ. The light coloured wood blends with doors crafted from Accoya to create an airy and minimalist feel.

Accoya cladding measuring 40x40mm was used for the build, which was prefabricated and fixed from complete segments. This approach made it possible to complete the building’s wall cladding in just a view days. All Accoya was coated with Drywood Woodstain VV in a semi translucent colour.

Accoya is one of the most advanced wood products on the market and has achieved a range of accreditations and commendations. In addition to C2C and BREEAM certification, Accoya has also been granted the Dutch ecolabels Dubokeur and Greenlabel.

The build has been so successful in reaching its environmental objectives that the design team has achieved a score of 99.94% by BREEAM-NL, the highest ever to have been awarded across the globe.

Jos Wagemans of Wagemans Bouwadvies, who worked as construction and financial manager for the development said: “A critical factor in this build was the importance of producing one of the most environmentally friendly properties around. The decision to use Accoya was very easy; the product has sound environmental benefits as well as being durable, long lasting and stable. With a performance which is second to none, using Accoya was an easy choice.”

The property achieved its BREEAM certification in spring 2016. Laura Ladd, head of marketing at Accsys Technologies said: “From a performance perspective, Accoya is one of the most reliable wood products available and has been developed to offer optimal performance for a variety of uses both externally and internally.

“Accoya requires minimal maintenance and retains its aesthetic qualities over time, and I know that Geelen Counterflow’s team will be able enjoy sustainable, durable and naturally beautiful Accoya wood for at least the next 50 years as they settle into their new office.”

Architect & BREEAM Expert: Architects & Builders based in Roermond

Photographer: John Sondeyker based in Maastricht