Accoya Awarded Prestigious FCBA Approval

28 Apr 15

Accoya, the revolutionary modified wood product manufactured by Accsys Technologies is the first modified wood to be awarded FCBA (Forest-wood Construction Furniture Cellulose) approval.

The control convention accreditation award follows a rigorous testing process, which took two years to complete. Work in demonstrating Accoya’s outstanding durability was particularly intense and included retrieval of samples from 9 year in-ground field trials for measurement of retained acetylation level. These stakes, cut from full size Accoya lumber planks show no decay after 9 years in ground and fully retained levels of acetylation. Other wood types in the same test series, including highly treated CCA H4 preserved wood and naturally durable teak, had decayed significantly in the same period.

Further evaluations at FCBA included strength classification, dimensional stability with long term exposure to water and Brinell hardness ratings in wet and dry conditions. A requirement of the Control Convention accreditation is initial and ongoing (twice yearly) quality assurance audits to check for uniformity and consistency of the Accoya process.

Eric.HEISELof FCBA said; “The FCBA’s mission is to promote technical progress and to improve efficiency and quality assurance within the wood industry. Such approvals are only awarded to products that have met and exceeded our criteria. Accoya wood is the first modified wood to achieve this level. The Accoya performance, level of consistency and product uniformity control is a step forward for the industry.”

Bryan Crennell, Director of Sales and Marketing at Accsys Technologies, said: “Achieving the FCBA approval for Accoya is a tremendous achievement. The FCBA sets the standard for the wood industry in France and this further validates the superior long-term performance of Accoya. The time and resources that we have invested, as a company, into this robust research and certification programme demonstrates our commitment to the French market for many years to come.”

Manufactured using a revolutionary patented acetylation process, Accoya is one of the most advanced modified wood products on the market today. The unique and cutting edge technology used acetylates the timber preventing water from bonding with it. As a result, Accoya has outstanding levels of durability, exceptional stability and extended maintenance cycles for coatings.

Furthermore, Accoya boasts excellent environmental credentials and is made from wood sourced from FSC ® and PEFC TM certified and sustainable forests. As well as being Cradle to Cradle Gold accredited, the product is also carbon negative in window frames, has Environmental Product Declarations for a variety of applications including decking and cladding, is 100% non-toxic.

Accoya is a popular choice for decking, joinery and cladding projects and was recently selected for use in the creation of an iconic garden, entitled “The Balance” at the International Garden Show in Chaumont-sur-Loire, which saw over a quarter of a million visit the installation.

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