14 Jan 19

For the opening of a second tea room in Limoges, France. The owner of Comptoir du Thé, chose Accoya® wood to dress the shelves of his shop with a burnt wood look. Carried out by the Bruzat joinery, the finish gives a warm atmosphere to this specialized shop.

At the Comptoir du Thé, light oak Louis Philippe style furniture and burnt wood walls harmonize perfectly to give a modern and warm touch to the boutique. From the “Intense-Accoya®” range of “Les Brûleurs de Bois” brand, the color depth of the burned Accoya® highlights the extra-wide (190 mm) blades offering a unique look and appearance. Exceptional “crocodile skin”. To avoid contact of the charcoal on the surface of the wood, a special colorless finish has been applied.

This aesthetic aspect is attained through burning the surface of Accoya® wood according to the traditional Japanese “Yakisugi” or “Shou-sugi-ban” method. Adding an exceptional aesthetic quality to the already impressive dimensional stability and durability.

The intense-Accoya® is one of the most advanced models of the brand Burners. Its particular aesthetic and its more resistant charcoal make it usable both indoors and outdoors. Used here, the properties of Accoya® wood guarantee a high dimensional stability of the boards and the absence of resin.

The Carpentry Bruzat, through Les Brûleurs de Bois, supplier of burned Accoya®, is the only carpentry in France specialized in burning wood. This operation is carried out in Saint-Hilaire les Places near Limoges, in the workshops of the company.

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Photos copyright: © Romain Brunet-Manquat