16th Mar / Oxford


Durable, Sustainable Timber Doors, Windows and Cladding with a Minimum Service Life of 60 Years is a RIBA-registered CPD presentation.

Accsys Technologies offers a CPD presentation on the subject of acetylated wood, which is sold under the brand name Accoya. Acetylated wood is produced from modifying a softwood by a benign process called acetylation to produce a wood that is very durable (i.e. rot resistant) and very stable, to the extent that it outperforms hardwood species.

Since coatings last longer on acetylated wood than on unmodified wood species, it also offers a lower maintenance option for those who want to use wood. Acetylated wood can be used to manufacture any products that might normally be made from wood; for example windows, doors, cladding, decking, outdoor furniture, etc. It is particularly suited to exterior applications since this is where its performance benefits are most apparent.

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